Rethink IoT News ATW 180: Around The Web Roundup

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// M&A, Strategies, Alliances //

  • Actility, a LoRa leader, has acquired NL Noodvermogenpool, a demand-response specialist that supplies an ‘emergency power pool’ to Dutch power transmission operators.

  • Orbcomm has acquired Blue Tree Systems, an Irish transport management solutions provider, with a focus on global freight telematics. No price was given.

  • Softbank has invested a ‘multi-billion dollar’ stake in Uber, in a $10bn round that props up Uber’s $69bn valuation, ending rumors that Softbank was taking a majority stake.

  • Dialog Semi is buying Silego for $306m, adding the Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit (CMIC) maker to its portfolio, to boost its IoT offerings.

// Laws, Regulation, and Lawsuits //

  • The US Senate has approved the self-driving car bill, with the Commerce Committee passing a unanimous vote for cars to be sold without steering wheels.

  • The US FERC says that doesn’t intend to destroy the wholesale energy market, as the industry reacts to a Department of Energy ruling that protects coal and nuclear.

// Hardware //

  • Telit has launched a new NB-IoT module, which is compatible with its xL865 2G and 3G designs, to make upgrades to NB-IoT easier for adopters.

  • Ossia has launched a new reference design for its Cota chipset, which uses 2.4GHz to provide long-range wireless charging, at up to 4W – using a 5mm x 5mm chip.

// Software //

  • Wind River has partnered with Telit, adding Telit’s IoT platform to the Wind River Helix Device Cloud, in a move to boost IIoT adoption of Wind River’s software and OS.

  • The EdgeX Foundry has finished its first version of its interoperability framework, called Barcelona, with the code being launched at the end of October, for network-edge devices.

// Networks, Protocols, & Wireless //

  • Nokia and Zain have deployed the first NB-IoT network in Saudi Arabia, as part of a smart city trial project in Mina area of Makkah Province – using a 900MHz base station.

  • Myriad and Bright Wolf have launched an IoT button, using Myriad’s Thingstream USSD cellular connection and Bright Wolf’s ZipLine data management application.

// Big Data, Cloud, AI, and Machine-Learning //

  • Oracle is launching Blockchain Cloud Service, and will be using Intel’s Xeon Scalable range of CPUs, to allow customers to build blockchain applications.

  • Intel has launched the Intel Programmable Acceleration Card, a PCI card for server expansion that houses its Arria 10 GX FPGA, with accompanying software.

  • KPN has launched an end-to-end IoT solution for its business customers, with the Dutch telco hoping to snare new entrants into the IoT by smoothing out all the hurdles … aaS.

  • Microsoft and Orange Business Services have announced an IoT collaboration, using OBS’ Datavenue system in combination with Azure IoT, for Industry 4.0 customers primarily.

  • Intel has launched Secure Device Onboarding, as a new service for IoT companies that are looking to implement an automated system for firing up their IoT devices in the field.

  • Ayla Networks has added Phone-as-a-Gateway capabilities to its IoT application platform, allowing developers to build products that use Bluetooth to connect to the web via phones.

  • GE has picked AWS as its preferred cloud provider, apparently forgetting that it has its own Predix cloud platform that could be put to use. It’s not clear if this is the end for Predix.

// Smart Homes and Buildings //

  • ADT and SmartThings have partnered on a security-focused smart home hub, with the Samsung subsidiary supplying devices and software that ADT will use to improve its kits.

  • Ring has launched a smart home alarm system, in the week after Nest launched its own Nest Secure alarm kit. Called Ring Protect, it is much cheaper than Nest – at $199, not $499.

  • Mattel has killed off its Aristotle connected nanny-cam, which aimed to use AI-based functions to improve child car, after receiving strong criticisms from care experts.

  • Microsoft has added smart home controlling functions to Windows 10, which will allow the Cortana system to issue commands to Wink, Insteon, Nest, SmartThings, and hue.

// Wearables //

  • PTC and Microsoft are collaborating on IIoT mixed reality (MR), in a partnership that builds on Microsoft’s HoloLens headset and adds PTC’s Vuforia expertise.

  • Apple’s Watch 3 uses a Qualcomm modem, not any Intel silicon, to provide its LTE capabilities, according to a teardown from TechInsights.

// Industrial & Manufacturing //

  • Drone Major Group has launched, claiming to be the first company to offer an integrated suite of products and services for global customers – using its Drone Major portal.

  • Rio Tinto has carried out its first driverless train trip, using an autonomous system to haul a 29,500 ton train filled with iron ore in a rather remote region of Australia.

// Retail, Marketing, & Supply Chain //

  • Walgreens is deploying IBM’s retail analytics systems at 8100 stores in the US, aiming to improve its field service logistics. IBM will be integrating a number of third-party products.

  • GlaxoSmithKline has picked Thinfilm to provide NFC SpeedTap tags for some of GSK’s over-the-counter medicines, including Flonase, as part of product education and sales.

// Automotive //

  • Tesla has missed production goals for its new Model 3, making just 260 in Q3, missing its target of 1,500. It cites bottlenecks as the main problem.

// Smart Cities //

    • InterDigital has launched Chordant Business, a new smart city wing that will supply a smart city platform that it says will allow cities to consolidate, expose, and monetize their data.

// Smart Grid & Utility //

  • The Wi-SUN Alliance has picked GlobalSign to provide the Certificate Authority services to Wi-SUN member companies, in an exclusive deal that hands Wi-SUN certs to GlobalSign.

  • Vitens has picked Honeywell to provide up to 600,000 V200P smart water meters. It’s a large contract for Honeywell, which will be outfitting the Netherlands’ largest water utility.