Rethink IoT News ATW 228: Around The Web Roundup

// M&A, Strategies, Alliances //

  • The IIC and the IDSA (International Data Spaces Association) have announced a liaison to foster better data linking and sharing between business ecosystems.

// Laws, Regulation, and Lawsuits //

  • California is considering a law to improve IoT device security, which would go live in January 2020 and require devices to have security features “appropriate to the nature and function of the device.” The governor must decide on the law.

// Forecasts, Surveys. Reports, & Blue-Sky Thinking //

  • The World Economic Forum has published its ‘Future of Jobs 2018’ report, finding that AI-based technology will displace 75mn jobs by 2025, but create 133mn new roles – a net-add of 58mn.

// Networks, Protocols, & Wireless //

  • oneM2M has launched Release 3 of its standards interoperability specification, saying that this version has dramatically enhanced 3GPP interworking, in particular LTE Cat-M and Cat-NB, with new features for IIoT and smart home.
  • The DECT Forum has released the DECT-5G, outlining how DECT and ULE will operate within the world of 5G – noting that 80% of data traffic is generated indoors these days. It says DECT would compliment the 3GPP specification.
  • Vodafone is planning on using outcome-based pricing in the US, as it attempts to compete against the entrenched AT&T and Verizon.
  • Aeris and Altizon have announced a partnership that will see Aeris’ connectivity and services platform integrated with Altizon’s IIoT platform offering.
  • Boston Networks has picked Kerlink as the provider of network hardware for a national LoRa network in Scotland, using 500 Wirnet iBTS gateways.

// Big Data, Cloud, AI, and Machine-Learning //

  • Deloitte and Jupiter Chain have announced a data marketplaces that allows businesses to trade and monetize their data, based on blockchain technology.
  • Ayla Networks and Tata Elxsi have partnered, hoping to provide IoT PaaS capabilities to CSPs looking for digital transformation and smart home opportunities, using Ayla’s technology and Tata’s channels.
  • Deloitte and MapR have announced a strategic alliance that will see Deloitte use MapR’s AI and analytics capabilities for Deloitte’s consulting business.
  • Hyundai Mobis has released an autonomous driving test system based on 3D video game technology and deep learning, to develop a better camera sensor.
  • Shell has picked C3 IoT and Microsoft to power new company transformation initiatives, aimed at boosting efficiency and collaboration.

// Smart Homes and Buildings //

  • Ikea has confirmed that it will be launching connected window blinds in 2019.
  • Amazon has announced a pile of new devices, with a smart plug and rivals for Google’s Chromecast family. An Echo-enabled wall clock and microwave are prominent, and a lot of back-end Alexa features have been introduced too. Of note is the Alexa Connect Kit, a pre-certified WiFi + BLE hardware module.
  • AT&T says its IoT-Enabled Building Energy Management system, installed in its facilities in 2015, has connected 27,000 devices and saved 9 mWh of energy.

// Wearables //

  • Huami has announced two new wearables, the Amazfit Verge and Health Band 1S, as well as a new AI chipset, the MHS001, to power Huami’s Xiao AI voice assistant. Huami claims to be the second largest wearables firm globally.
  • Withings has revealed its first post-Nokia device, the $200 Steel HR Sport smartwatch. The company was reacquired by its founders, after Nokia gave up.

// Security //

  • Kaspersky reports that IoT malware grew significantly in H1 2018, up three-fold with over 120,000 modifications to malware identified in the period.

// Smart Grid & Utility //

  • ElectrIQ has launched its 11 kWh (5.5 KW) PowerPod home battery system, starting at $9,000, providing a way to provide demand-response functions, and able to connect to ‘smart’ appliances in the home. It is modular, and scales.
  • Next Kraftwerke and Jedlix have unveiled an EV charging pilot for demand-response in Holland, using the former’s VPP platform and Jedlix’s chargers.
  • Western Power Distribution has picked Smarter Grid Solutions to provide it with SGS’ ANM Strata software, for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) management.
  • The NAESB (North American Energy Standards Body) is having its first meeting to discuss the use of a blockchain system in gas metering.

// Health //

  • Schneider Electric and PennFirst, the project delivery team working on a new $1.5bn University of Pennsylvania hospital, have partnered, to incorporate smart building and energy management technologies into the new building.