Rethink IoT News ATW 232: Around The Web Roundup

// M&A, Strategies, Alliances //

  • Smartfrog has acquired a controlling interest in Canary, investing $25mn into the smart home security product company, looking to tackle a warming market.

// Laws, Regulation, and Lawsuits //

  • The UK government has published a Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security, aiming to ‘support all parties involved in the development, manufacturing, and retail of consumer IoT with a set of guidelines.’

// Forecasts, Surveys. Reports, & Blue-Sky Thinking //

  • The World Energy Council (WEC) and PwC have released the ‘Blockchain in Energy’ report, canvassing 39 companies about the technology’s potential.

// Hardware //

  • STMicroelectronics has announced its new STM32L5 microcontrollers, building on ARM’s TrustZone hardware-based security, running a Cortex-M33 core.

// Networks, Protocols, & Wireless //

  • Orange Business Services has announced IoT Connect Anywhere, a service that provides on-premises private LoRa networks. A good step forward for enterprise customers, Orange still doesn’t seem enthusiastic about public LoRa networks.
  • Orbcomm is launching satellite connectivity services in China, looking to target heavy equipment, logistics, transportation, and maritime applications.
  • Sigfox SNO SqwidNet has announced three deals that total 2.5mn devices, with Discovery Insure, Netstar (vehicle tracking), and Fidelity ADT (security).
  • Rogers says it will activate an LTE Cat-M network in Ontario this year, and will complete a national Canadian rollout by 2020. No mention of Cat-NB.

// Big Data, Cloud, AI, and Machine-Learning //

  • Couchbase and Infosys have partnered, to create the Field Service system – an offline-first database system that can power enterprise applications.
  • Intel, Arduino, and myDevices have joined ARM’s Pelion IoT Platform ecosystem, with ARM also launching the Mbed Linux OS distribution.
  • The EdgeX Foundry has launched new developer kits, as well as Smart Building Automation demo for IoTSWC, showing how the spec links different kit.
  • C3 IoT, HPE, and Intel have announced a new joint offering, ‘the C3 AI Appliance,’ which joins C3’s PaaS, Intel CPUs, and HPE servers, for a pre-integrated setup.
  • Intel is showing off the Firefly camera from FLIR Systems, which uses a Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) for machine-vision functions.

// Smart Homes and Buildings //

  • Yale says an ‘unexpected load’ caused the outage for its smart locks, which begs the question of how much load a lock can exert on a server, or how poorly provisioned the cloud-side of the system was architected.

// Wearables //

  • Montblanc is the first wearable maker to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100, in its Summit 2 smartwatch – a very premium option, at $995.

// Industrial & Manufacturing //

  • Siemens and Bentley Systems have partnered, combining their complimentary software portfolios to launch PlantSight, a digital-twin platform.

// Retail, Marketing, & Supply Chain //

  • Sify and Aeris have been picked by Paragon, to provide a supply chain monitoring system for its retailers in India, based on Aeris’ platform and Sify’s cloud.

// Automotive //

  • Ford has picked Wind River to provide it with over-the-air (OTA) software capabilities. We wonder if Intel offloaded Wind River to secure hardware deals.
  • Vinli is pivoting its connected car services platform, moving away from direct to consumer to a B2B approach, signing a deal with ALD Auto to service 1.6mn cars.
  • Renault has negotiated EV charging deals with major players in the European energy markets, EDF, Enel, and Total, to build a vehicle charging network.
  • Tesla has had its Model 3 torn down by respected firm Munro & Associates, which found that the body design is seriously damaging profitability.

// Smart Grid & Utility //

  • Tesla has increased the price of its Powerwall units, with the Gateway up from $700 to $1,100, and the battery back Powerwall up to $6,700 from $5,900. This is something of a defeat, as Tesla had led the pack in pricing.
  • The HD-PLC Alliance has said that its power-line communications (PLC) smart metering protocol is seeing accelerating adoption, and that it is useful for other applications, such as streetlighting and home networking.

// Health //

  • BlackBerry is pushing its Spark PaaS and QNX OS for Medical 2.0 operating system, as it tries to expand into the healthcare market. Onebio will be using the stack, as well as the Mackenzie Innovation Institute and Mi2.