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12 November 2018

Rethink IoT News ATW 235: Around The Web Roundup

// M&A, Strategies, Alliances //

  • GE is offloading its Current energy efficiency business, selling it for an undisclosed sum to American Industrial Partners, a private equity firm.
  • ForeScout has acquired SecurityMatters, for $113mn, as ForeScout looks to add more Operational Technology (OT) capabilities to its IoT security portfolio.
  • GE has also offloaded 63% of its stake in Pivotal Software, gaining $173mn as it drops from a 20.8% stake to 7%, as the company tries to right the boat.

// Hardware //

  • u-blox, Iskraemeco and EMH have unveiled a PoC for a smart meter that connects to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. This is very interesting, as it could bypass the need for an in-home-display (IHD), which conventionally use Zigbee.
  • Murata has laid claim to the title of world’s smallest Cat-NB module, measuring 15.6mm by 14mm by 2.2mm, with mass production expected in Q1.

// Networks, Protocols, & Wireless //

  • EnOcean is pushing its battery-free wireless protocol, using a new trademark and a partnership with Philips (now Signify) to promote ‘Battery-free by EnOcean.’
  • Sigfox announced that it has achieved population coverage for 1bn people, across 53 countries. It also launched its Atlas WiFi sniffing location service, a new micro base station, and the Bubble device, for proximity-based asset tracking.
  • WND UK has announced that it has now installed 1,000 Sigfox gateways in the UK, as the SNO takes over from Arqiva, to cover three-quarters of the population.
  • AT&T has signed Prevas, a Swedish IT and engineering firm, to a 3-year deal, where AT&T will provide its Global SIM services for Prevas’ IoT customers.
  • Dish has picked Ericsson and SBA Communications to provide infrastructure for its upcoming LTE Cat-NB networking in the US, due for completion in 2020.
  • has launched new Bluetooth beacon devices, including the Bracelet Tag, a new Card tag, and a new ruggedized outdoor beacon. It has also opened up its platform to third-party Bluetooth devices.
  • Nokia has announced an alliance with Infosys, to leverage AI and M2M technologies for digital asset management. Nokia also announced a private LTE offering for BMW, in one of its Chinese manufacturing plants, and a wider ‘Future X for Industries’ strategy that is targeting the Industry 4.0 trend.
  • Orange has launched an LTE Cat-M network in France, claiming 98% population coverage, and plans to cover Spain and Romania by the end of 2018.

// Big Data, Cloud, AI, and Machine-Learning //

  • Schneider Electric is endorsing the OPC Foundation, committing to promoting the standards-based unified communication (UC) architecture to push IIoT automation and edge-computing, with greater IT-OT integrations.
  • Terbine has indexed national US public agency data, available through its IoT data platform, which it is hoping to monetize as firms look for new data sources.

// Smart Homes and Buildings //

  • Comcast is reportedly testing a system that would allow customers to use their TVs as a smart home hub, based on the X1 Set Top Box.

// Automotive //

  • Qualcomm is waving the flag for LTE-V2X, and might also have changed the nomenclature from C-V2X. It is collaborating with Audi China, BAIC, ChangAn, Geely, Great Wall, Genvict, Nebula Link, and Savari, to showcase interoperability. Qualcomm also has a live demo of LTE-V2X at SAE China, with Datang Telecom.
  • Waymo has claimed that a recent collision with a motorcyclist, caused when the safety driver had to change lanes to avoid another potential collision, would not have happened had the software not deferred to the human driver.
  • BT’s EE has launched its Auto Mate fleet telematics service in the UK, costing £49 upfront and then £11/month for a two-year contract (£264).
  • ERM Advanced Telematics and u-blox have announced the StarLink TrackerWiFi, an LTE unit that provides in-vehicle WiFi hotspots and vehicle tracking.
  • The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) has (surprise!) found that C-V2X outperforms ITS-G5 (DSRC/802.11p) in automotive applications.

// Smart Cities //

  • Ranplan Wireless has won a £300,000 contract with the UK government to supply an urban congestion analytics platform, with university collaboration.

// Smart Grid & Utility //

  • Comsel has picked Telit to provide it with Cat-NB smart metering capabilities, which will be using the 3 Cat-NB network in Sweden – claiming a ten-year battery life, using Telit’s ME910C1-E1 module. Lithuania’s ESO is also piloting Cat-NB smart meters for electricity and gas.