Sierra Wireless updates mangOH, hopes to woo developers

Sierra Wireless has released new samples of its next-gen designs for its open source hardware platform – mangOH. The new mangOH Yellow ‘super sensor’ is designed for developers, with Sierra Wireless hoping to get in on the ground floor with a versatile prototyping platform that could eventually turn into a product – driving Sierra Wireless’ wireless module and service business.

Currently, mangOH is focused on the cellular ecosystem, including the newer LTE-M and NB-IoT variants. Sierra Wireless doesn’t make the wireless chips itself, buying them from the likes of Altair, but it is one of the more successful companies in the B2B IoT game – providing its own modules too.

Riot first covered mangOH back in June 2015. To date, the ARM-based platform has had the Red and Green versions, and is now expanding those feature sets – adding Bluetooth 5, including Mesh, WiFi, and NFC, alongside 14 sensors and actuators. Importantly, mangOH has standardized a connector slot, for which there are now some 15 adapters that can be used to quickly add new functions to the device.

Some of those cards will be redundant with the new Yellow variant, such as Talon’s WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC card, but ATIM provides both LoRa and Sigfox adapters. Radiocrafts has a Wireless M-Bus and Zigbee version, as well as one for IEEE 802.15.4g – on which Wi-SUN is based.

“mangOH is creating a disruptive opportunity in the IoT space for companies to innovate, and Jabil is pleased to join the ecosystem to help mangOH users cost-effectively take their prototypes to market,” said Rafael Renno, Senior Business Unit Director, Jabil. “We’re not only manufacturing mangOH, we’re also working with several large customers to develop new industrial use cases based on mangOH Red that will revolutionize industries.”

Sierra Wireless claims that companies using mangOH can reduce their time-to-market by a year, and halve their development costs. Based on Linux, the software layer is open, but requires the Legato application framework and development environment, on top of whatever Linux flavor you wish to use.

Also announced was that Jabil Wireless, the manufacturing products and services provider that is the lead partner for building the mangOH Red and Yellow, has officially joined the mangOH ecosystem – which houses Sierra Wireless, Digi-Key, Talon Communications, Qualcomm, and RichardsonRFPD at the higher layers, and a good smattering of other silicon and services providers.