ZTE’s latest Massive MIMO trial hits 468Mbps in Indonesia

The Chinese equipment vendors have been the most aggressive in pushing Massive MIMO technologies into LTE rather than waiting for 5G. ZTE’s latest field trial is in Indonesia, where it has conducted a test of FDD-LTE Massive MIMO with incumbent operator Telkomse.

The companies said they achieved an almost fourfold increase in data throughput compared to existing 2×2 MIMO FDD-LTE speeds, hitting 468Mbps. This was the first trial of Massive MIMO in paired spectrum in Indonesia.

The test took place in Makassar, one of the largest and most densely populated cities in eastern Indonesia, where Telkomsel is embarking on a project to equalize network services in the region. It used commercial TM9 handsets and MiFi personal hotspots in 20 MHz of spectrum.

The next phase of the trials will verify additional technical aspects such as coverage, mobility and interference to assess feasibility for a wider roll-out.

“ZTE is very proud to work with Telkomsel in realizing one of the world’s earliest field trials for FDD-LTE Massive MIMO technology,” said Bai Jie, CMO at ZTE Indonesia. “ZTE has been providing GSM and UMTS network for Telkomsel’s subscribers in Manado since 2007.”