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Gigabit Broadband Forecast to 2023

US left in China’s wake in the quest for Gigabit broadband

Gigabit broadband growth, faster than expected

“We expect Asia to reach 233 million 1 Gbps lines, Europe 59.6 million, the US 37.7 million and Latin America just 10.7 million. China alone is expected to have 193.5 million.”

While there is an argument that almost no-one currently really needs 1 Gbps, quite yet there have been 1 Gbps fiber services in a number of countries for a number of years, but without earning a wide uptake.

The emergence of 1 Gbps is being tied by operators to Gigabit class WiFi services, themselves just emerging, able to cope with real world workloads in excess of 1 Gbps.

Gigabit broadband will accelerate faster than previous forecasts have imagined, growing tenfold over the next 5 years. After a two year period of being high priced luxuries, 1 Gbps broadband will become commonplace and inexpensive.

China will improve its broadband monumentally, taking 1 Gbps subscribers from 4% of its 456 million households, to close over 42%, in a series of massive build-outs led by China Mobile.

And as fiber picks up momentum, the window of opportunity is closing for technologies such as Gfast, G.Now and MoCA Access as more buildings opt for fiber direct to the home or apartment. The one exception is DOCSIS 3.1, which is triggering US cable 1 Gbps installations.

At the current trajectory, China will dominate 1 Gbps broadband, giving a massive advantage to Chinese businesses. Around 57% of all 1 Gbps lines by 2023 will be installed in China. Today China is already substantially in the lead with 18.8 1 Gbps lines, with France on 4 million, Japan on 3.8 million and the US on 3 million.

The report finds that globally over the next five years 1 Gbps lines will rise to make up 31% of all broadband – around 340.5 million by 2023, while if you include fiber at slower speeds, this will be as high as 60% of all broadband.

What this report will tell you: 

1. Which countries already have 1 Gbps Broadband
2. The reasons why 1 Gbps is becoming a reality at last
3. The parts of the world not yet ready for gigabit broadband.
4. The most aggressive build out markets
5. Name many of the leading 1 Gbps operators.
6. Give you regional clues to which countries have the most competitive and advanced 1 Gbps programs
7. It will help prioritize your regional targets
8. Help align vendor product roadmaps with operator plans
9. Help operators plan Capex spend on 1 Gbps services

Companies mentioned in this report:
Alibaba, Alcatel, Altice, AT&T, Bell Canada, Broadcom, CenturyLink, Charter, China Mobile, China TieTong, China Telecom, China Unicom, Cogeco, Comcast, Cox, Deutsche Telekom, Frontier, Google, Huawei, Korea Telecom, MoCA, Netflix, Nokia, Reliance, Reliance Jio, Rogers, Sckipio, Shaw, South Korea Telecom and Verizon.

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1 Gbps lines in 2018 by % of homes 9 1 Gbps lines on 2023 by % of homes: 9

Countries with over 1m 1 Gbps lines installed: 10

Countries with 1m 1 Gbps lines by 2023: 10

1 Gbps broadband globally today: 19

1 Gbps broadband by 2023: 19

1 Gbps Broadband to 2023 by region: 20

Growth of 1 Gbps broadband lines in Asia to 2023: 21

1 Gbps broadband across Asia today: 23

1 Gbps broadband across Asia by 2023: 23

1 Gbps across North America to 2023: 25

1 Gbps in North America by 2023: 26

1 Gbps growth across Europe to 2023: 27

1 Gbps lines today in Europe: 28

1 Gbps broadband lines in Europe to 2023: 29

1 Gbps Broadband in LATAM to 2023: 30