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Meet the Team

Peter White
CEO and Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research

Peter is the CEO of Rethink Technology Research and helped create the company in 2002.

Peter is the principal analyst on Rethink Energy, focusing on the transition from fossil fuels to renewables, taking in Wind, Solar, Energy storage and the new Hydrogen economy. He also touches on the digitalization of the grid, the effect of EVs on electricity supply and any new ideas in energy.

Peter’s coverage area takes in solar design including perovskite, multi-junction solar, crystalline silicon, as well as floating platforms, carbon-nanotube layering, all types of turbines and lithium ion batteries or other form of energy storage, green hydrogen production economics, undersea cabling, demand response utility systems and Distributed Energy Management Systems.

Peter was previously involved in technology since 1978. For 17 years at Rethink, his research was focused on video and digital networks. He has consulted with set top and home gateway manufacturers, encoder specialists, chip vendors, flash memory providers, security companies and TV UI specialists over that time.

If you want to email Peter, ask him a question or invite him to attend or speak at an event, then please email [email protected]

Meet the team