Rethink Team

Peter White

CEO and Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research

Peter White has been involved in technology since 1978 and is now the CEO of Rethink Technology Research and helped create the company in 2002.

Peter focuses his research on video and all the technologies which allow it to traverse digital networks. He has consulted with set top and home gateway manufacturers, encoder specialists, chip vendors, flash memory providers, security companies and TV UI specialists over the past 15 years.  His coverage area takes in recommendation systems, VoD servers, OTT enablers, content metadata, natural language search, LCD and OLED panels, WiFi and underlying broadband technologies such as DOCSIS, ADSL, G.Fast, and fiber. So it goes from chips and hardware, through to software and the cloud, and it is everything that relates to video, from glass (the camera) to glass (the screen).

Peter is the principal analyst on Faultline, a digital media research service offered by Rethink Technology Research. He also works with Thomas Flanagan on its research arm Rethink TV.

If you want to email Peter, ask him a question or invite him to attend or speak at an event, then please email [email protected]

Caroline Gabriel

Research Director & Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research

Caroline left the Dutch publishing and research conglomerate VNU, at the top of the organization, as European Editorial Director in 2002, to help create Rethink Technology Research.

She has been explaining technology to people for almost 30 years and has conducted research assignments for most of the major businesses in the sector including The European Commission, Intel, LightSquared, Vodafone, Amdocs, the Small Cell Forum, the Wireless Broadband Alliance, Ofcom as well as start-ups like SpiderCloud, Deltenna and BLiNQ Networks.

She has also partnered with other analyst groups in joint projects including RealWireless, the Yankee Group, Maravedis and ArcChart.

The irony is that while Caroline works in a subject very much of the future, she studied History at Oxford University, although she always makes it clear that history has a habit of repeating itself, even within technology.

Caroline has spoken and chaired many conferences and is a well- known and respected figure within the LTE and 5G community.

She operates as the company’s Research Director and is expert in all forms of Wireless communication and has edited our research service Wireless Watch, since its inception in 2002 and leads our RAN Research forecasts and also finds time to conduct consulting assignments for a wide variety of wireless businesses.

If you want to email Caroline, ask her a question or invite her to attend or speak at an event, then please email her at [email protected] and we will forward it to her.

Philip Hunter

Research Fellow

I joined Rethink Research full time at the start of 2018 because of the growth in popularity of the Riot and Faultline publications, having previously spent over 30 years as a journalist and analyst covering science, technology and media.

I first contributed to Faultline in 2010 and revelled in the freedom to develop stories and ideas subject to the rules of libel and consistency with Rethink’s positioning. We take a collective opinion on great issues of the day in technology and media. These may evolve in the light of changing circumstances but in that case, we explain our stance has changed.

My background is scientific and technology having studied mathematics at Cambridge University and I believe I bring an analytical eye to breaking stories and events. At Rethink I enjoy tackling a range of subjects across media, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, aiming to delve beneath the bonnet and relate the underlying technology to the business realities.

If you would like to speak to me about Riot or Rethink TV, contact me via my email [email protected]

Alex Davies

Riot Editor and Senior Analyst of Riot Research

I joined Rethink Research in 2013, having graduated with a Master’s degree in English Literary Studies, from the University of Southampton. Before Rethink Research, I was enjoying building computers, reading weird books, and playing American Football.

Rethink Research has allowed me to explore my interests in technology, particularly in LPWAN, enterprise transformation, AI, and autonomous vehicles. Riot Research and Riot’s subscription service has given me the platform to follow my interests – to explore, analyse and forecast the future of these emerging technologies. I especially enjoy interviewing leading figures in these industries, and, for the better, change the course of businesses future by predicting the successes and failures of technologies.

If you would like to talk to speak to one of the industry leading experts in IoT, contact me via my email: [email protected]

Thomas Flanagan

Faultline Editor and Senior Analyst of Rethink TV

I joined Rethink Research in 2014 having graduated from Greenwich University in Biomedical Science.

Rethink Research threw me into becoming one of the editors for the industry-renowned digital entertainment technology publications, Faultline Online Reporter. What makes me enjoy working here is I have been given a platform to become an expert in the intricacies of video delivery and security. I love that we provide unrivalled detail, while not sugar coating how tough the future will be and we provide our readers with a framework for surviving shifting industry trends.

If you would like to speak to me about the plethora of technologies that comprise video delivery, wireless networking and a spattering of IoT, contact me via my email: [email protected]

Harry Morgan

Research Analyst

I joined Rethink Research fresh out of the University of Bristol in October 2019, having graduated from a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. For my final years I was working as the Operations manager of the University radio station, gaining appreciation of the impact of effective journalism and reporting.

Through my degree and work at Rethink Energy, I have developed my understanding of both the technical and political sides of the global energy market and been able to explore my interests in renewable and sustainable technology. I have loved exploring the innovation within this constantly shifting field and believe that critically assessing disruptive technology is essential to facilitate the global transition to a sustainable, zero-carbon economy.

If you would like to speak to me about this evolving market, or any of the intricate technologies it entails, contact me via my email: [email protected]

Rafi Cohen

Market Intelligence Executive

I joined Rethink Research in September 2019, straight out of completing my BA in History from the University of Bristol. I previously ran live music events and continue to manage two artists.

Working at Rethink has provided me the challenge of applying my analytical and written communication skills to a whole host of industries which will dictate much of the future. I like how the company makes every effort to step back from the promises of PR, always trying to take a birds-eye view on the ways in which the tech industry transforms over time.

If you would like to speak to me, please contact me at: [email protected]

Simon Thompson

Senior Consultant

Believing the technology & energy industries need succinct, actionable intelligence written and researched by real journalists and analysts, I have worked on such titles as The Online Reporter, Unigram.X, Computergram and Client Server News. Contact by email: [email protected]

John Constant

Business Specialist Director

I joined Rethink Research in 2015 after running my own startup, I studied Civil Engineering at Coventry University before moving into IT where I started as an analyst.

Over the years I have worked in technical roles, support/service management, project management, production and operational and account management.  Due to my technical and operational experience and having worked with SMB’s through to Enterprise, and having brought products to market, I have the experience to deal with all aspects of Rethink Research.

Technology specifically disruptive technology has always been a focus of mine and I have enjoyed working closely with operators, vendors and manufacturers in the wireless, telecoms and IoT industries which makes Rethink Research the perfect place to work.

If you would like thorough information about our consulting, subscriptions and services then contact me through my email: [email protected]

Roz Hilton

Business Development Director, Video Technologies

I come from a background in construction management and dispute resolution; at a UK professional body, and at one of the global top-10 firms.
Since moving into the technology industry, I’ve developed a particular interest in digital entertainment. I now work with the video technologies analyst team here at Rethink.
I am committed to building credible relationships with new and existing clients, and gaining a full understanding of their business drivers – enabling delivery of Rethink’s crucial insight, research & forecasts and specialist consulting projects when needed the most.

If you would like a comprehensive walk-through of our video research & data services, you can reach me at [email protected]

Natalia Szczepanek

Client Relations and Marketing Manager

I joined Rethink Research at the beginning of 2019. Having graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, I previously worked in PR, music promotion as well as hospitality, managing my own restaurant site.

My experience is varied, but the focus remains the same – comms. I strongly believe that the most important skill in any setting is communication. Rethink Research gave me the opportunity to become the company’s Marketing and Client Relations Manager and allowed me to put all skills I have gained so far to practice. What make me enjoy working here the most are the variety of day-to-day tasks, encouragement to share thoughts and ideas, and the opportunity to learn about the world of disruptive technology.

I am responsible for developing and driving Rethink’s marketing campaigns, and promoting the Rethink brand. I am also playing a role within the Client Services team, and will check in with you regularly to ensure the best possible service.

You can reach me at: [email protected]