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“We use Rethink Research – in particular Faultline, their weekly newsletter – to inform, and occasionally challenge, our view of the competitive landscape. Their qualitative analysis, which sticks closely to an investigative-journalism model, allows us to separate fact from fiction, and to probe the chasm that can exist between what competitors claim to do, and what they actually deliver into the hands of customers.”
Synamedia Intelligence Team Synamedia
“Faultline provides our strategy team with deep, accurate and timely knowledge. It is this unfiltered and objective data, written in human readable language, that ensures our fast continued innovation and market response.”
Bridge Technologies Simen K. Frostad, Chairman Bridge Technologies
“I spent a weekend deep diving in the 46 page long WiFi Cloud Management forecast from Rethink TV (WiFi Cloud Management Multi-AP, WiFi 6, 6E & 7 Forecast– 2021-2026). The report is packed with forecast statistics on the various WiFi standards, how Managed WiFi is predicted to grow and how many homes are forecasted to be Multi-AP. In addition, it also takes the WiFi client market into perspective as WiFi clients are a driving factor behind the rollout of new WiFi technology in our homes. In addition to all the facts, Rethink TV provides an overview of their private discussions held with all operators and vendors contributing to the report, this was especially interesting as it gave some extra flavour to the reading. All in all, it is a very comprehensive and useful report, a kind of must read for companies in the business of connected home. Thank you, Rethink TV, look forward to follow-ups. ”
Inteno Group AB Conny Franzén, CEO Inteno Group AB
“I recently read Rethink TV’s latest work, “M-ABR Forecast 2022-2027”. I’d originally intended to browse through the 29-page report from a high level. However, once I started to read, I found myself unable to put it down. The report was easily consumable, divided into sensible, digestible, sections and topics. It was instructive from a basic level all the way to complex points, yet it deconstructed complex topics in an easy-going fashion to make them very accessible. In short, the forecast was absolutely comprehensive, packed full of knowledge, and covered everything from networks to business cases to vendors, pros and cons, latest statistics and intelligent projections, and was a splendid way to get valuable industry training at my own pace. Well done, Rethink TV!”
MediaKind Meir Lehrer, VP Portfolio Development MediaKind
“Faultline is a convenient resource for industry news, with analysis which helps place the news into historic and market context. Faultline’s coverage is quite broad; offering a window into adjacent markets as well.”
Harmonic Inc Alain Pellen, Sr Market Manager OTT & IPTV Harmonic Inc
“By far the biggest difference between Rethink and other companies is that Rethink has a much deeper analysis on what is going on in technology and its future implications. What does that mean versus what everyone else is doing? Other companies use numbers from last year and there is very little true forward-thinking analysis.”
AirTies Wireless Networks Bulent Celebi, Chairman and Co-Founder AirTies Wireless Networks
“Wireless Watch always has the best content!”
Pivotal Commware Kent Lundgren, VP Pivotal Commware
“Rethink is on my short list of analyst reports I read thoroughly ... seeing around corners rather than extrapolating the graphs”