Rethink IoT News ATW 153

M&A, Strategies, Alliances

  • Hytera is buying Norsat, for $62m, paying a 62% premium for the customized communications provider and its satellite expertise.

  • Software AG is acquiring Cumulocity, an IoT-focused cloud and software provider, with plans on integrating the Cumulocity platform into Software AG’s offering.

  • Progress has acquired DataRPM, adding its IIoT-based cognitive predictive maintenance expertise to Progress’ application development and deployment offerings.

  • MaxLinear is acquiring Exar for $700m, buying up a rival analog semiconductor firm, citing its portfolio of power management, interface, and automotive silicon as targets.

Forecasts, Surveys. Reports, and Blue Sky Thinking

  • Global cellular IoT connections will hit 2.4bn in 2025, according to Strategy analytics, with the top three market (automotive, utilities, and security) accounting for 46% of the total.

  • Each industrial robot takes the jobs of 5.6 human workers, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, with around 1.5-1.75m robots deployed globally.

  • The Machine-Learning chip market will reach $8.26bn by 2022, according to Allied Market Research, growing from $4.49bn in 2015 at a 9.4% CAGR.

  • Smart meter connections will reach 1.2bn by 2022, according to ABI Research, with water utilities comprising the bulk of the additions and electricity meter additions slowing.

  • Accenture says AI and IoT accounted for 44% of all investments in insurance technology (insurtech) in 2016, totaling $711m.


  • Aura Semi and Mindtree have announced a new Bluetooth 5 radio transceiver and software stack, aimed at IoT devices, claiming to be the world’s smallest IoT BLTE 5 design.

  • Cypress has announced wins with Samsung’s Artik 050 module and the Raspberry Pi Zero W board, for its WiFi and Bluetooth silicon.

  • FreeWave has announced the IIoT Programmable Radio (IPR), which it says is an industry first, with its support for third-party edge and fog computing software and applications.

  • Monnit has unveiled its ALTA wireless sensors, claiming a 1,000-foot range with a ten-year battery life, they feature Monnit’s Encrypt-RF tech for ‘bank level’ security.

  • SoftBank and Electric Imp have announced that Electric Imp’s IoT QuickStart Family dev kits will be sold through SoftBank’s +Style platform.


  • The W3C has launched the Web of Things Working Group, aimed at standardizing semantic vocabularies and IoT APIs, building on the WoT Interest Group.

  • Pepper IoT has launched its IoT operating system, part of its Powered by Pepper platform, as well as closing an $8.5m Series B investment round.

Networks, Protocols, & Wireless

  • Hutchison’s Three Group has picked Cisco’s Jasper, to sell Jasper’s Control Center to Three customers looking for M2M and IoT connectivity, via Three’s Hue services division.

  • Sigfox, Telia Estonia, and Connected Baltics (an SNO) have announced a deal that will see the MNO offer Sigfox to its regional customers.

  • Digi International has launched the Connect Sensor+ battery-powered cellular gateway for M2M and IoT applications, and a sales channel deal with Net1, a Nordic MNO.

  • Verizon has turned on its national LTE Cat-M1 network in the USA, with plans to offer data plans starting at $2 per device per month – with bulk discounts available.

Smart Homes and Buildings

  • Ikea is launching a smart home offerings, based around its Tradfri Gateway, including light bulbs, lighting accessories, and remote controls – using the gateway as an IP-bridge.

  • Google Home is launching in the UK, and Google has announced 12 new device integration partnerships, including August, Vivint, Lifx, and Wink.

Retail, Marketing, & Supply Chain

  • Unified Office has unveiled more success with Domino’s Pizza, with three more franchise groups Total Connect Now OPS offering for operational visibility and communications.

  • Log-Net has launched v8.0 of its autonomous logistics software platform, adding AI-based tools and analytics to the supply chain management system.

  • Amazon has delayed the opening of its Amazon Go cashier-less grocers, after encountering problems with the software powering it – running into a limit of about 20 shoppers.

  • BICS and Hanhaa have announced a deal that sees BICS provide Hanhaa’s ParceLive parcel tracking service with global connectivity, via BICS’ SMS and data mobile network.


  • Uber has suspended its self-driving car project, following a crash that saw one of its Volvo XC-90s tipped on its side. No serious injuries were reported, but it’s not good news.

  • Toyota and NTT have announced a connected car ICT R&D partnership, with a focus on processing big data assets acquired from vehicles.

  • Ford is building a data center for its connected car business, and has recently agreed a deal with BlackBerry to hire some 400 employees to develop wireless tech at Ford.

  • Fujitsu and VMware have announced an expansion of their partnership, with Fujitsu’s OTA Reprogramming Solution being combined with VMware’s IoT solutions, for ECU updates.

  • Scope Technologies and Renault have unveiled a new insurance offering, using Scope’s tech to provide usage-based insurance (UBI) for Renault’s Zoe in France.


  • Imperva Incapsula has spotted what it thinks is a new version of Mirai, responsible for an attack on a US college for 54-hours, one of Imperva Incapsula’s customers.

Smart Grid & Utility

  • AeroVironment and eMotorWerks have partnered to combine AeroVironmnet’s EV charging tech with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet smart grid load aggregation system.

  • Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) has picked DragonWave’s Harmony Enhanced MC backhaul system, extending its fiber network with gigabit wireless connections.

  • Siemens and SAP have announced a reselling deal which sees SAP offer Siemens’ EnergyIP meter data management system to utility customers.

  • Silver Spring Networks and DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) have signed a deal to deploy SSN’s RF Mesh Canopy tech, as the basis of DEWA smart grid applications.

  • Con Edison has been singing the praises of its smart grid analytics platform, provided by C3, which has saved it 160,200 MWh in 2016, as well as 266,600 decatherms of gas.