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23 February 2016

Rethink IoT News ATW: OIC becomes OCF with Qualcomm and Microsoft on board; MWC sees avalanche of announcements

M&A, Strategies, Alliances

  • The OIC has relaunched ad the Open Connectivity Foundation, with Qualcomm, Microsoft and Electrolux now joining the board and increasing its overlap with the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn.
  • The Bridge Alliance and the Global M2M Association have partnered to provide a joint Multi-Domestic Service offering in 77 markets, in the first alliance-to-alliance remote provisioning use case of an eUICC SIM.
  • Private equity firm Apollo is buying Tyco spin-off ADT, paying $6.9bn (a 56% premium) for ADT and combining its operations with its recent $1.9bn Protection 1 buy to create a business with around $4.2bn in annual revenue.
  • IBM is launching an blockchain-as-a-service offering as part of its IBM Cloud offering, and is donating 44,000 lines of code to the Hyperledger Project inside the Linux Foundation., as well as a channel deal with Avnet to push its Watson services to Avnet customers.
  • Visa has announced a new mobile payments skew for the IoT.
  • ARM has announced a deal with HP Enterprise, to use ARM’s mbed IoT Device Platform.
  • AT&T is announcing a new IoT focus, with alliances and partnerships a key factor.


  • FocusMotion has unveiled Creator, a motion recognition algorithm that will allow developers to use machine learning to teach their designs new movements.
  • Kii’s IoT platform is powering Haltian’s new Snowfox child-tracking GPS device.
  • Amdocs has launched its IoT Monetization Platform, to simplify and expand supply-chain billing processes.


  • H3 Dynamics has launched Dronebox, a system that will provide self-sufficient solar-powered drone recharging and staging platforms that developers can use as a home base for their drone projects.
  • Renesas has expanded its Synergy IoT platform of MCUs, with the addition of the ultra-low power S124 MCUs, based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ at the lower end and the Cortex-M4 at the more powerful end of the scale.
  • ARM has launched the Cortex-R8 real-time processor, aimed at IoT and 5G devices. It also launched the Cortex-A32 processor, designed as a low-power variant of the ARMv8-A architecture for 32-bit applications.
  • Wirepas has launched a beacon version of its mesh protocol, now compatible with Google’s Eddystone beacons and Apple’s iBeacon systems, which will sit on top of existing beacons.
  • Cree has partnered with Cisco to push Ethernet power and data connections to lighting hubs, so that light fittings could act as wireless access points or sensor hubs.
  • NXP has launched its QorIQ LS1012A 64-bit ARMv8 processor, aimed at object-based storage.
  • Digi International has launched a Thread-ready XBee 802.15.4 module.
  • Rambus has added thermal imaging to its Lensless Smart Sensor.
  • ON Semiconductor and RFMicron have unveiled a battery-free sensor platform and dev kit.

Networks and Protocols

  • Sigfox has announced network partnerships with Viti, IDEO Caraibes, and IO Connect, in Mauritius and the French Overseas Territories, spanning meter reading and AMI.
  • Sigfox has announced a 200,000-unit deal with Verisure Securitas in France, and a one-million-unit deal with OTIO’s smart home and lighting portfolio, initially focused on France, Germany and Spain.
  • Sigfox has announced the launch of a German network, in support of the Industrie 4.0 initiative.
  • Sequans has announced a partnership with Telstra, to launch Cat 1 LTE devices in Australia, and a deal with Skyworks to develop optimized RF frontend circuitry for Cat M devices.
  • Gemalto has announced it will be using Sequans’ Cat M1 and Cat M2 chips in its upcoming low-power LTE offerings, following on from their recent Cat 1 deal.
  • Semtech and E.On-backed startup Digimondo have launched a LoRa network in Germany, aimed at energy industry customers looking to connect their assets.
  • Semtech has launched a new reference design LoRa gateway, which it says will be able to provide GPS-free geolocailzation for asset tracking.
  • Ericsson is singing the praises of its EC-GSM-IoT trial with Orange.
  • Analog Devices and Consumer Physics have partnered on a new food, drink and drugs quality monitoring platform.
  • Huawei and Vodafone have announced that they are establishing the first pre-standard NB-IoT Open Lab.
  • Stream Technologies has entered the Verizon Partner Program, to serve customers in the USA with its IoT-X platform connectivity via Verizon’s LTE network.
  • Altair has announced that its Cat 1 LTE chipset is powering Ericsson’s water quality monitoring system.

Smart Homes and Buildings

  • Tekoia and Wulian have launched a smart home security platform, in a DIY package that is supported by joint cloud services.


  • Sony has demonstrated a wearable lifelog camera, called the Xperia Eye, that it will potentially pair with a virtual assistant.

Connected Cars

  • Samsung has announced that its Knox enterprise security division will be bringing Tizen to connected cars via the ODB-II port and the Connect Auto dongle.
  • Ericsson and Chinese automaker Geely have announced a connected car partnership, using Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud platform to power Geely’s ADAS and V2V ambitions.
  • AT&T and Ericsson have announced that they will provide connectivity for Porsche in the US, and AT&T and Audi have expanded their existing in-vehicle connectivity deal in North America. AT&T also announced a Schneider Electric deal for EV charging stations, and the contract for GM’s OnStar service in its Vauxhall and Opel brands in Europe, in partnership with Vodafone.
  • Movimento and Aricent have announced a gateway reference design for connected cars, aimed at providing OTA updates.


  • Samsung-owned SmartThings has still not resolved security concerns that were made public in September, with a Cognosec researcher reporting that systems can be hacked to open door locks and jam motion sensors without leaving a trace in the logs.

Smart Cities

  • Silver Spring Networks has announced that it is working on a new networked LED street lighting system and sensor platform, powered by Philips’ new Advance Xitanium SR LED driver.
  • Stream Technologies has announced a partnership with Gaia Smart Cities in India, providing its IoT-X platform to the startup.

Smart Grid

  • Siemens has announced the addition of its EnergyIP Analytics service to its smart grid equipment offerings.
  • Renault has announced an EV battery recycling initiative with Connected Energy’s E-Stor technology, in 50kWh units that could be used for fast-charging points for EVs or storage.
  • Silver Spring Networks has won a 5.2m meter deal with Con Edison, in a 5-year rollout supported by IBM’s cloud services.
  • Following its US expansion, Sonnen has announced the shipment of its ten-thousandth battery unit, aiming to tackle the US on the back of 30 solar installers and a target of 100 by year-end.

Forecasts and Blue Sky Thinking

  • Technavio reports that the APAC region will lead IoT market growth through 2020, topping out at $54bn. It says that Cisco, GE, IBM, Intel, RTI, and Rockwell Automation are the leading companies in the market.