Sixty Javascripts interactive TV elements, Huawei and Unified partner

Put Sixty into Google, and being a rather US centric search engine and you will not find any entry referring to a company on the first few hundred pages of hits. Once you know it’s a company called Sixty from Norway, and put the .no top level domain in, there it is.

It’s that kind of company too. Not that noticeable, and to some extent not really technical, but really, really neat, once you get it. It has spent the last 15 years designing TV graphics, which define TV experiences for Norwegian Broadcasters like TV2. We saw some of its designs and it’s just another designer really, not the world’s best.

But its new Easy TV UI framework is making international waves and it is ever so simple.

Ask anyone in the US to solve this problem, like how to bring up an interactive drop menu on any screen, for instance one that shows sports player statistics, and they will bring you an all-singing, all dancing development environment, the like of which has never been seen before, complete with AWS held statistics databases, and the ability to compare the pitching speed of every pitch ever made in MLB. But if you are Norwegian, what you need is something simple.

The Sixty version of events is just a Javascript layer on top of the video, which if it’s on a tablet, is touch sensitive, on a set top or smart TV it is remote driven. It can be used to extend the life of your existing set tops, with a new UI, or it can harness a social network feed or stats feed and layer it on top of the screen to a single touch.

The system has to know where the TV program is and this is done with small browser related plug-ins which drag graphics from AWS. “We know there are already stats providers out there who provide a stream of statistics, we can harness that and act as a route to the TV screen for them. We don’t try to re-invent the wheel,” said Sixty CEO Kjetik Horneland.

“We have one function that sits on top of a broadcaster’s app, where you can view all the goals from the match so far,” said Horneland. It takes some work from the operator, but not much.

At IBC he announced deals with both Huawei and Unified Streaming, with Ease TV tucked into the Huawei Envision Solution and using its Open API. Earlier this year Sixty built and deployed a new set top system for Altibox using Ease TV in cooperation with Huawei. The Huawei system works with DVB, IPTV and OTT video. The partnership with Unified Streaming involves Sixty being integrated with Unified Streaming’s Unified Origin server which works across all ABR streaming formats.

“The combination of Sixty’s on-air graphics technology and our expertise in delivering cost-effective and efficient video solutions will play a highly influential role in delivering smart, interactive video streaming technologies to a host of viewers all over the world,” said Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales, Unified Streaming.

Ease TV can offer Live TV Catch-up, a TV Guide, a Portal Menu, PVR, Search, Radio, Settings, and VoD.