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August 30, 2023

Set Top Box, Connected TV & Smart TV Operating Systems Market Forecast 2023-2028 

RDK crushed on global stage between rising Android TV and insurgent HarmonyOS, in 4.45 billion unit market 

Huawei’s ambitions to become a global challenger to Android appear to have been completely neutered, since the last time that Rethink TV examined the operating system landscape of video devices.  Specifically looking at the set top boxes of operators, as well as smart TVs and connected TV devices from retail sources, it is now clear that Android will achieve complete dominance over RDK on the global stage, with HarmonyOS confined to China.  However, will that position, against the backdrop of a turning tide of sentiment for the Silicon Valley titans, lead to antitrust turmoil?

This report forecasts the market for Operator Set Top Boxes, Smart TV and Connected TV Device Operating Systems. It includes a 41 page PDF report and XLS dataset.

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