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September 27, 2023

Impact of Strikes and Inflation on Content Spending 2023-2028

Inflation and labor dispute force industry into $27.4bn annual content spend climbdown, with cumulative total reaching $126.2bn in 2028

The global economic pressures of continued supply chain problems and a sharp spike in inflation that is only just being brought under control, will have a major impact on the projected content spend of the largest video services. Rethink TV has examined the scope of the downward shift, and finds that:

  • Adverse economic headwinds combined with impact of Hollywood strikes will knock $27.4 billion from annual content spending projections by 2028
  • The adjustment period has short-term obvious losses in ad sales, box office receipts, new subscriber growth, and pay-per-view transactions
  • Long-term view sees studios and video services adjust to ‘new’ normal, and still achieving profitability with lower content spend

This forecast includes a 21 page PDF report and XLS dataset, showing projected content spend and revenues to 2028 for Amazon-MGM; Apple; Comcast-NBCU; Disney-ABC-Hulu; Netflix; Paramount-CBS; and Warner Bros. Discovery.

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