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March 20, 2023

Sports Rights Forecast 2023-2033

Sports Rights Forecast 2023-2033

Apr 2023 – Updated to include the Indian Premier Cricket League (IPL).

Snapshot Summary

  • Media Rights Revenue (MRR) for the Top 16 Leagues hits $68.8 billion globally
    by 2028.
  • MRR grows to 54.79% of the Top 16 Leagues’ Total Revenue by 2028.
  • Soccer loses market share to American Football and Basketball, accounting for
    42.30% of the Top 16 League’s MRR in 2028.
  • MRR for the Top 16 Leagues is set to grow more than four-fold over the 20-year
    period between 2014 and 2033, hitting $90.6 billion.
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