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25 March 2009

Alcatel rolls out Telefonica IPTV Ad system for Spanish trials

One of the great promises of IPTV was that all that lovely data was in pure IP format, and could therefore, theoretically, interact with other web based telco owned IP traffic. But this has come to pass only very slowly. Now Alcatel seems to have got agreement from one of the main IPTV customers it has, which are not on the Microsoft Mediaroom platform, in Telefonica, to build in some interactive advertising.

This will go into the Imagenio system which Alcatel now maintains for Telefonica and which is the basis of its enormously successful IPTV serviced in Spain, as well as those in Brazil and the Czech Republic.

As a first stop Alcatel-Lucent will collaborate with Telefonica in an interactive IPTV advertising proof of concept pilot for its Imagenio IPTV customers in Spain.

The idea is for TV viewers to use their remote controls to view longer form content, and to respond to advertising seen on TV. This trial has been put together around an existing Alcatel-Lucent offering which also allows for sophisticated audience measurement.

Alcatel-Lucent says it will target a new type of TV advertising business model where customers respond to advertising and are linked to the web, where existing web platforms can offer interaction, more data and obviously record the customer’s level of interest. Games and competitions are seen as the way to tempt people onto the web and make then sign up for more advertiser information.

‘We worked closely with Telefonica to develop and launch this strategic proof of concept pilot and we have successfully demonstrated that this new advertising model is possible. This is a model that is more rewarding for the user as it matches his lifestyle and interests, is more effective for advertisers as they now have a powerful new tool to reaching their target audiences and measuring their campaign’s success’, said Alfredo Redondo, Alcatel-Lucent’s Global Account leader for Telefonica.