Broadcom chip will work with fiber and VDSL too

The Broadcom approach to is starting to clarify, as it puts out a part this week which combines 212MHz with DSL-fallback and GPON. The idea is to make a single chip and even a single device with the chip in it, to terminate fiber, as either a FTTH CPE as well as either VDSL or CPE.

Broadcom described this as the highest performing integrated broadband CPE SoC solution.

The BCM63158 combines, xDSL, and GPON into a single integrated device, enabling Telcos to deploy copper or fiber broadband services with a single, unified platform, and move it insists will simplify platform management.

The device will work with bonded VDSL 35b or bonded 106MHz, or a single 212MHz line and works with Broadcom’s proprietary Reference Noise Cancellation. This will have come about because Broadcom customers will need backward compatibility for ADSL/VDSL and long reach VDSL services, so they can install the platform widely in advance of launching

The chip is built around a 1.5GHz multi-core CPU running at 15k DMIPS with an additional packet offload engine, and it is built to keep up with an 802.11ax chip. AX has full duplex channels of 5 GHz, so that outward and inward traffic can both run at full speed. It will also d allow Multi User in both directions. So this Broadcom part will have to support something over 5 Gbps. Broadcom launched its own BCM43684 802.11ax chip in the Summer. The Broadcom BCM63158 family of devices is sampling immediately.

“Combining both and GPON into a single device enables service providers to future proof CPE product offerings as telecom operators deploy both copper and fiber-based solutions,” said Greg Fischer, senior vice president and general manager, Broadband Carrier Access, Broadcom.
“Further, the advanced processing capability of the BCM63158 enables secure, modern containerized software architectures along with the benefits of home networks supporting 802.11ax.”