Clypd brings ‘Optimize PMP’ to linear TV Upfronts

Clypd, which offers an audience sales technology platform for television advertisers, is bringing its Optimize private marketplace (PMP) to the TV Upfronts this year, in order to offer advanced audience sales tools for media companies to take advantage of during the Upfronts. Clypd’s network clients include some of the top TV network owners such as Discovery Communications, ESPN, and Fox Networks Group.

“We are a pure play technology platform company,” Clypd CEO and co-founder Joshua Summers told Faultline Online Reporter. “We empower the sales teams of those media owners to get the most value out of their inventory. Our role is to provide them with a platform that enables them to optimize the yield on their inventory by taking advantage of advancements in using data and an advanced audience-based sales approach, and then automating the workflow to deliver on that.”
Summers and co-founder Doug Hurd are both former Paypal execs. They created the advertising sales firm Clypd in 2012, just as media firms were first being introduced to the power of data. “We’ve been in the linear TV space for over four years now,” Summers said. “This is a culmination of the work that took us to identify a solution set that a media owner itself could engage with and put in the hands of their sales team. It enables them to really go out and take advantage of this change in demand from traditional age and gender to advanced audiences.”

The new Optimize PMP, which can be used in TV upfront and scatter buy scenarios, offers features such as data onboarding, yield-optimized, audience-focused scheduling and end-to-end deal lifecycle management. The platform unites audience and yield optimization with traditional TV media sales strategies, in order to “enhance the way in which media companies transact with their agency and brand partners,” the company said. “Advertisers are becoming more and more sophisticated at identifying their target audience through the use of advanced datasets.”

“Media owners are attempting to create a model where they can appropriately identify audiences that exist within the inventory across those networks, across the dayparts, that optimize against some particular advanced target – something like heavy beer drinkers, or auto intenders looking for an SUV, or frequent travelers looking for a discount airline,” Summers said.

Clypd’s platform claims to do just that: it integrates third party, first party and other data sets into a network’s ad sales so that the network can offer inventory with advanced, targeted audience buys – and can charge more for their inventory that delivers on those audiences. The networks that are using Clypd’s platform are offering traditional guarantees alongside advanced targeting goals that the campaign can be indexed against.

To that end, Clypd recently partnered with Tapad, a demand side data platform, to bring more data insight through Tapad’s TV tools and device graph into its platform. The partnership “increases the efficiency in which marketers can reach their intended audience on traditional linear TV,” Doug Hurd, co-founder and EVP of business development at Clypd, said. “Their customized, data-driven campaigns launch with precision and really increase the value marketers can extract from linear TV inventory.”

Clypd’s platform also focuses on automating some of the workflow processes through which ad inventory is sold. “The platform is agnostic to the data and agnostic to the sale,” Summers said. “We provide the platform that enables the media owner to – in a self-service way – deliver that capability to their buyers.”