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10 March 2011

Deals, launches and products

Conax said this week that Mostelecom, a subsidiary of National Telecommunications (NTK) in Russia partnered with it to provide advanced chipset pairing and CI+ technology to protect content on NCN (National Cable Networks) in more than two million homes in Moscow.

Technicolor has been saying that the other half of Grass Valley, the part now called Thomson Video Networks has been sold to Fonds de Consolidation et de D’veloppement des Entreprises (FCDE), a French group which finances the recovery and development of small to medium enterprises. Effectively this is a leveraged buy- out then and is the part of the empire which offers video encoders/decoders, MPEG processors, video servers, datacasters, network management, monitoring and switching product lines and associated R&D.

UK free satellite service Freesat will use the HbbTV Over The Top video architecture, which came out of continental European Broadcasters, in a new series of TV receivers being developed under the codename G2. This is a huge blow to YouView which would have expected Freesat’s support in pushing the (now delayed) YouView technology.

Samsung is reported to be preparing a version of Google TV to work alongside its own TV App Store and TV software, but will run it on an ARM based device, instead of an Intel chip. The idea is to blend its Android strategy with support for Google TV.

Microsoft said this week that its Kinect motion sensing game peripheral has already sold 10 million copies. While Kinect may be claiming to be the ‘fastest selling consumer electronics device ever,’ it is limited to the number of Xboxes out there, and growth of that installed base has slowed to a crawl, but there are 50 million installed.

Smart card maker Gemalto said that its annual revenues are up over 19% to €1.9 billion with software and services revenue up 54% to €152 million and profits up at €216 million. Mobile communications was up 5% to almost half of the company’s revenue.