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Wireless Watch

Wireless Watch is a set of weekly research notes assessing the impact of events which have happened through the week, in the world of wireless and mobile technology.

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    Wireless Watch provides regular news alerts that intelligently decipher disruptions in wireless networks, cellular, operators and spectrum.The Wireless market is one market which is really driven by technological change. There is never enough processing power, battery, bandwidth, memory to do all the things we want to do with the humble handset.The business subscription does what it says on the cover, it is a publication which watches the wireless world. It is published by a team of experienced editors and analysts, and has become a major influence among leading wireless operators and equipment makers. Delivering vital competitive intelligence for companies involved in wireless, cellular and spectrum.

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    • Wireless Watch Issue | Weekly long-form articles, which analyze and discuss the week’s events and disruptions in mobile, telecoms and wireless
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