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3 June 2021

How does Ateme’s Pilot Media shape up against Synamedia’s Clarissa?

Business intelligence is the selling point of Ateme’s new Pilot Media product, a term that embodies one of Faultline’s greatest gripes. The French video compression vendor’s latest move could also be considered a reaction to another encoding heavyweight, Synamedia, which got into business intelligence in a big way a few months ago with its Clarissa suite.

Also referred to as management insights and business logic (are intelligence and logic the same thing?), Pilot Media is pitched as a cloud-native system for bringing efficiencies to media supply chains – and is a way for Ateme to capitalize on the flow of broadcasters and service providers shifting to the cloud, whether on-prem, public, or hybrid.

By facilitating the controlled migration of production and operations to new service models, Ateme aims to reduce operational overheads through areas such as metadata-driven automation for media capture, ingestion, management, enrichment, storage and publishing. A simple drag-and-drop workflow builder with reporting tools viewable via dashboards updated in real-time together can provide a comprehensive management information overview to support capacity and workload planning. It also mentions schedule-aware prioritization of workflows to ensure that service-level requirements are met.

Dynamic load balancing of processing and delivery tasks is another key feature. Pilot Media can plug into additional Ateme services such as the flagship Titan video transcoding technology, the Ateme Management System, and the NEA CDN capabilities inherited from the acquisition of Anevia.

Clearly Pilot Media is nowhere near as comprehensive as Synamedia’s Clarissa business analytics suite, which was unleashed with fury in February, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ateme’s option will presumably be a hell of a lot cheaper for starters, and comes over as more specialized in managing workflows, while Clarissa is a beast delivering data-based insights to video service providers in fields from content consumption, UI and navigation, device and account security, to advertising management, QoE/QoS, and more.

With Clarissa, Synamedia wants to make its mark on every data-based component in a company’s multi-faceted business, from optimizing personalized content experiences and marketing activities, to understanding how services are used across different and networks. Ateme doesn’t make any assertations about becoming an omniscient business intelligence/insights platform, it just wants to stick to what it does well.

The similarities are quite simply that both Ateme’s Pilot Media and Synamedia’s Clarissa are marketed as business intelligence platforms, a term so vague in its appearance that even Synamedia admitted to Faultline that business intelligence is the embodiment of ambiguity – and keeping it that way helps reflect the flexibility of services on offer.

Ateme’s VP of Media Supply Chain, Jean-Louis Lods, said, “Viewers today have more options than ever in terms of what content to watch – both on TV and on their personal devices. With this, content and service providers are facing fierce competition. In doing so, we are not only enabling our customers to compete more efficiently and maximize ROI by reducing their operational costs, but we are giving them the opportunity to create new revenue streams, for example by launching a D2C OTT service or through rapid onboarding for distribution.”