Disruptive WiFi marketplace BandwidthX goes global with Syniverse

BandwidthX, the company which has pioneered a cloud-based B2B marketplace to match service providers with available WiFi capacity on an on-demand, pay-per-use basis, has announced its support for the Syniverse Mobile Marketplace – essentially marking its international expansion three years after launch.

The connectivity marketplace firm has previously talked about being in discussions with all the US tier one operators, and came to life on the prospect of WiFi offload, although whether or not it won these US contracts or not has been left undisclosed. BandwidthX says its fresh support for Syniverse will offer dynamic pricing, automated policies and advanced connection management services – with the potential to tap into Syniverse’s customer base of more than 1,000 mobile service providers around the world and gain reach to over 6 billion mobile devices.

The BandwidthX system works by a buyer saying what capacity it needs, at which time of day and where, and then makes an offer of how much it is willing to pay. The market then matches this with capacity offers in the marketplace. BandwidthX makes its money by taking the difference between the two prices as payment.

BandwidthX recently moved its BxMarket offering into the cellular market too, allowing MNOs to define their value for their mobile capacity, when this is in shared or open spectrum, and automatically trade across ownership boundaries.

This has turned the traditional MVNO model on its head, as cablecos with significant WiFi assets can use BandwidthX’s trading platform to match hotspot owners with mobile operators and automatically assign a price and capacity required, instead of paying fees for accessing mobile networks.

Syniverse, meanwhile, is involved in international WiFi roaming deployments such as the City WiFi Roaming Project in Barcelona, Dublin and Singapore, for which Syniverse supplies roaming hubs, along with Accuris Networks and BSG Wireless. The initiative is designed to encourage cities, government bodies, fixed and mobile operators, vendors, web platforms and service providers, as well as retailers, to support a universal connectivity model.

Service providers are increasingly combining WiFi and cellular in roaming packages, and by joining the BandwidthX trading platform with Syniverse’s IP roaming hub, this presents a genuinely viable alternative to carriers’ own offerings.

Among its offerings, Syniverse has WiFi Roaming eXchange, which aims to make “mobile WiFi roaming as seamless as 3G/4G data roaming.”

BandwidthX CEO, Pertti Visuri, said, “the global WiFi footprint represents a very large and rapidly growing resource for all mobile devices. Better efficiency in accessing that footprint and streamlining procurement processes will bring significant value to the industry.”