Orca adapts its IPTV middleware for Jazztel hybrid

Orca Interactive has slipped sideways into the IPTV hybrid market with a deal it has done at Spain’s Jazztel. Orca has adapted its middleware so that IPTV can be used side-by-side with terrestrial digital channels.

The deal is part of a multi-million dollar deal to allow Jazztel to go after the residential broadband market, and the service had already been commercially launched at the end of 2005, with the addition of other services due shortly.

Additionally, with Orca’s Subscriber User Interface Software Development Kit (SUI SDK), Jazztel was able to launch its solution using the third party SUI development of design company Fresh. Orca provided a STB plug-in for the ADB STB and enabled Fresh to develop the SUI.

Earlier in the issue we began our argument to suggest that hybrid TV systems are a great way forward alongside IPTV, and increasingly as Microsoft begins to dominate the pure IPTV market, we expect smaller players such as Orca to look outside at more and more hybrids like this.

Jazztel’s IPTV services are provided by a coalition of companies including Spanish system integrator Indra as well as Telindus for video integration; Nagra for conditional access; Kasenna for video servers; Harmonic for encoders; and ADB for set-top boxes. Jazztel has 11.6 million lines (10.7 million with ADSL2+ technology) which equates to 54 percent of total of lines in Spain.