Verimatrix in PaaS security-analytics push; Nagra ties in Inside Secure

Verimatrix has progressively been cropping up more and more in fields like IoT and blockchain, so with another important IBC event kicking off this week, the US connected security specialist dug up its video roots to reveal a new content distribution platform coined Viewthority.

The platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product seems to be about reemphasizing another of Verimatrix’s non-traditional business drives, analytics, in parallel with its core content protection business – at a critical time when, although the dust may have settled post-World Cup, piracy concerns remain of high priority with future events in mind.

Hosted on AWS infrastructure, Viewthority provides tools for content providers to enforce distribution windows and playback policies, while obtaining usage reporting for analytics purposes. Based on functionality from its Verspective analytics technology, Verimatrix says Viewthority can access QoE analytics reports to provide higher visibility into the process on a level apparently not available through automated viewership reporting.

Verimatrix has been relatively quiet in terms of new customer wins since first heading down the QoE video analytics road, so the new product could be perceived as a way of getting new security customers to also take its analytics technologies without buying into two product lines. But just like Verimatrix’s other experimental angles, it takes time to gain traction so today is still too early to be casting any judgement.

That said, we understand Verimatrix has been relatively successful in steering existing customers to analytics and monitoring offerings, although this might be more in the realm of managing all the communications between content creators and OVPs, creating a shared analytics platform of sorts – allowing content owners to see how many people watched how many copies of the content, and on what devices, in which geo-location, through which distributor, for example.

Circling back to Viewthority, the security component of the new service comes from the Verimatrix RightsConnex technology (formerly Federated Rights Management), encrypting content just once with decryption keys and playback policies distributed separately. In addition, a trusted Verimatrix security envelope plugs revenue leaks from premium content with anti-piracy protection around the entire platform.

Partner company Mediamorph from the UK must also be given some credit, contributing its Content Value Management Platform to Viewthority for centralized management and control of content licensing terms. Mediamorph essentially transforms the previously cumbersome process of managing content rights and ad slots from studios, via spreadsheets and emails, to an automated flow of data through APIs.

“Based on our experience and talking with the leaders in their field, it became obvious that efficiently connecting a centralized content library to a network of global video service operators would address many of the current challenges of distributing content. We decided to use AWS for its global infrastructure and the robust AWS networking and content delivery services, which were critical,” said Verimatrix CEO Tom Munro.

Verimatrix has been busy in recent years bulking up on analytics, purchasing an asset from Concurrent and another from the UK’s Genius Digital in the form of Mirimon with its on-board analytics, and then building its own Verspective analytics engine. Viewthority takes a different approach, creating what we see as a more streamlined, but equally secure, platform for better communication between content providers and operators and therefore more revenue opportunities – along with added benefits by drawing from Verimatrix’s other technologies if and when required.

We couldn’t have a security discussion without Nagra staking a claim to the IBC security crown, as the Swiss company integrated its NexGuard QuickMark watermarking technology with the Content Protection Client from French firm Inside Secure this week.

The collaboration is an anti-piracy initiative for live OTT video service providers, providing enhanced content protection without requiring any modifications to encoding, DRM or CDN systems. QuickMark’s “very fast” client-side watermarking means near real-time identification of the source of the piracy as well as providing the appropriate action to halt a subscriber’s “abuse” of the service.

Cutting out the source is the ultimate end goal for anyone involved in combatting piracy and now Nagra is implying speed is the name of the game, specifically targeting illicit live sports streams, and bringing in Inside Secure’s expertise in Root of Trust technologies, via its downloadable client-side multi-DRM agent.

“Protecting content owners’ ever higher investments in rights such as for live sports is critically important for our customers. Our Content Protection Client, with the company’s patented Core technology, ensures that watermark payload insertion cannot be circumvented or removed, providing customers with solid protection against illicit activities,” said Simon Wilson Blake, COO of Inside Secure.