Verimatrix integrates MiriMon renames it Verspective Real Time

Verimatrix has wasted no time, tidying up the MiriMon software acquisition it bought in June from the UK’s Genius Digital, and putting it out in time for IBC as an extension to its Verspective Intelligence product set. It has decided to call it Verspective RT, which of course stands for Real Time, and has integrated it into its Verspective Operator Analytics suite so outputs from both tools can be seen on the same console.

Verimatrix has yet to list any clients who have taken the Verspective Intelligence Center despite having launched it over two years ago in 2015, but it worked initially on doing reporting based on which content keys were called from its key servers. Now it finds it has software installed inside apps on each device to create a more accurate picture of what’s going on.

RT is a new optional component for the Verspective analytics platform so that you can get both types of intelligence on one dashboard, the latter RT component delivering the real time element, for instance of how many devices are beyond key thresholds in Quality of Experience (QoE).

The company is now working on plugging key data tools from partners into Verspective RT to provide real time service diagnostics.

“We see real-time client data analyses and diagnostics as key to helping our customers gain a holistic picture of how their services are performing and as an entry point for the value of our overall analytics offering,” said Petr Peterka CTO of Verimatrix. “Verspective RT is a natural extension to our Verspective Operator Analytics solution, which offers a range of tools that emphasize data security and integrity as a foundation for actionable intelligence.”

So now Verspective RT can be used on its own or as the front-end for client and network “event” collection within Verspective Operator Analytics.

The company claims Verspective Operator Analytics has a broad, “silo-busting” approach to data collection, which includes connections to video-on-demand (VOD) servers, content distribution networks (CDNs) and security and content management solutions.

The Verspective RT client sends data for both linear and adaptive bitrate (ABR) services to a scalable data collection resource which can be virtualized, server-hosted or cloud-based, and of course encrypted. Combining all this data yields viewer insights that help operators reduce subscriber churn and create new revenue streams.