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9 May 2024

Faultline’s The Crash of 2033

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Eleven years since the groundbreaking Faultline Revisited was first published, and more than two decades since the original Faultline Manifesto, we are back with the Faultline Revisited – Revisited.

Titled ‘The Crash of 2033’, this paper is not for the faint-hearted – laying out a warts-and-all predictive framework detailing the bloody reality of the next decade for the media and entertainment industry.

From fracturing audiences and the usurping of Hollywood, to broadcast infrastructure, AI, piracy, and video codecs, Faultline’s Crash of 2033 is the defining cliff over which the former empires will barrel. It is the time when the largest sports contracts, the last bastion of pay TV, will be renewed, and when those contracts are awarded to device-agnostic video streaming services, the pealing of the death knell for pay TV operators will be so cacophonous that the bells shall split.