Why does Synamedia need Telestream VoD encoding?

Securing a sizable deal at Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom last week was a decent way for Telestream to sign off this year’s IBC – the workflow production firm’s first deployment since completing the auspicious integration of Tektronix. Telestream then swiftly followed this up by jumping into bed with video software heavyweight Synamedia, but – on paper – the two vendors should be fierce rivals not comfy partners – a consensus which ties in nicely with our omniscient IBC write up.

“Augmenting” is the jargon of choice here from Synamedia and Telestream, by which they really mean supplementing pieces of their respective product lines. Specifically, Synamedia will start offering customers Telestream’s Vantage media processing platform including the Vantage Transcode Multiscreen technology. But why would Synamedia start reselling transcoding technology from a third-party vendor when it proudly lauds itself as the world’s largest independent video software provider and is perfectly capable of encoding content and handling workflow processes?

Naturally, the announcement talks about “complementary” product lines. Synamedia claims its virtual Digital Content Manager is complemented by Telestream Vantage products, although still this doesn’t make sense on the surface until we take a closer look. The Telestream technology in question is geared towards file-based workflows, which Synamedia is sourcing as a VoD asset management system. Meanwhile, the primary function of Synamedia’s vDCM is as a live transcoder.

So, minimal overlap between the two product portfolios, but also apparently a peculiar admission by Synamedia that it was lacking substance in the VoD encoding department – the easier and cheaper side of the encoding coin.

“Converting directly from a wide variety of source formats, it creates adaptive bitrate packages. This results in improved picture quality, reduced bit rates and lower CDN distribution costs. Synamedia is also offering Telestream Timed Text Flip for versatile subtitle and caption editing, Vantage Array for scalability and redundancy, and Vantage Analysis for workflow decision-making and design,” states the press release.

There may be more to the partnership, however, relating to something mentioned above – the acquisition and subsequent integration of the Tektronix video test and monitoring technologies into Telestream earlier this year. Key to this is the Tektronix video waveform monitoring portfolio and Aurora filed-based quality control capabilities which Telestream identifies as being critical when aligned with the Telestream quality management story. ABR video monitoring and analytics are high on the agenda for Telestream, aiming to advance its position in customer applications, particularly large-scale OTT video, and Tektronix’s experience with DRM assets is touted as a valuable area going forward.

So, while the Telestream Inspector Live and Surveyor probes combined with the iVMS ASM management layer provide video streaming service providers with what it describes as pervasive video monitoring, Tektronix’s Sentry network proves expand the range of applications beyond the core capabilities.

Telestream was busy showcasing its new Tektronix assets at IBC, releasing the second version of its OptiQ live service at IBC 2019 called OptiQ Monitor – an analytics tool targeting customers that already have the infrastructure in place to support live streaming channels but are missing post-CDN monitoring capabilities. The first application, OptiQ Channel, was unveiled back at NAB, creating multiple live services for different customer needs.

On the hardware side, Telestream has just released the new version of its live video streaming production Wirecast Gear. Demoed at IBC for the first time, Wirecast Gear’s purpose-built workstation allows anyone to broadcast professional live productions in a matter of minutes.

As for Telestream’s latest win, we have come to associate Taiwanese pay TV operator Chunghwa Telecom as one of the most vocal deployers of, installing the technology in MDUs. Chunghwa has rolled out Telestream’s Vantage media processing platform for 4K broadcast as well as the Telestream Vidchecker for automated quality control software for file-based media. Chunghwa is also a fan of Verimatrix security, operating in one of the globe’s most cutthroat markets with often brutal churn rates.