Wiztivi breaks out of Europe with Latam deal, closes in on US

French UI and OTT app developer Wiztivi has finally forced off its European shackles this week after 10 years in the industry. The company announced a deal to provide its UI to Argentinian operator Telecentro, in partnership with British browser developer Ekioh. Although there are potentially more lucrative wins for Wiztivi in the pipeline, as the company revealed to us at TV Connect that it has a design project in the works with Altice USA.

A contract at Altice USA would mark the huge achievement of entering the North American market, something that many vendors have channeled major marketing efforts towards, but haven’t always managed.

Altice USA is currently testing Wiztivi’s UI for set tops and mobile devices, but Marketing Manager Cyrille Billion could not reveal to Faultline Online Reporter when the owner of Cablevision Systems and Suddenlink Communications plans to make its deployment decision. Wiztivi will reach around 3.6 million pay TV subscribers in the US, should Altice USA choose to go to market with the product.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, Telecentro is rolling out Wiztivi’s HTML5 TimelessUI product for its existing set tops, integrated with the Ekioh TV browser which includes support for accessing YouTube content. The deployment includes an EPG for live TV, on-demand services, and includes third party apps.

Wiztivi says its UI components have been carefully optimized for the use of transitions and animations for a low memory environment and it adds that Ekioh’s TV browser has a highly efficient CPU usage.

Ekioh’s browser combines established scalable vector graphics with HTML5. The Ekioh team have been among the browser pioneers which brought first Scalable Vector Graphics to IPTV services as far back as 2004 and now has a full HTML 5 micro-browser.

Ekioh’s partners include Altech Multimedia, Arris, Broadcom, Ericsson,
HiSilicon, Nagravision, Sagem, Zenterio and ZTE. Billon could not reveal the supplier for which its UI is being deployed at Telecentro, or  any other vendor suppliers at the operator for that matter, but we know that Telecentro has used set tops from Arris, Cisco, Sagemcom and Motorola.

Telecentro had around 600,000 pay TV subscribers at the end of 2015, with Clarin Group’s Cablevision dominating the market with some 40% share of the 8.5 million pay TV subscribers in the country at the time.

Billon also mentioned Wiztivi’s recent move into cloud gaming services to expand its product portfolio, which it is developing in collaboration with Orange and SFR. Details are under wraps, with the gaming section on the company’s website simply stating “coming soon.”

Wiztivi works with telcos to build full UIs for VoD portals, EPGs, replay function, personalized TV channels, app stores, and advertising solutions – based on its HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) and HTML5 framework. It claims to have developed 300 applications for 60 services, which cumulatively rack up 30 million video views every month.

Stephen Reeder, Commercial Director at Ekioh, said: “the combination of the TimlessUI and the Ekioh TV Browser makes a very compelling market proposition. The Wiztivi team share our passion for customer focus and we look forward to continuing to work together for Telecentro and other operators who want to take advantage of the joint solution.”