Rethink Team

Peter White

CEO and Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research

Peter White has been involved in technology since 1978 and is now the CEO of Rethink Technology Research and helped create the company in 2002.

Peter focuses his research on video and all the technologies which allow it to traverse digital networks. He has consulted with set top and home gateway manufacturers, encoder specialists, chip vendors, flash memory providers, security companies and TV User Interface specialists over the past 12 years.  His coverage area takes in recommendation systems, VoD servers, OTT enablers, content metadata, natural language search, LCD and OLED panels, WiFi and underlying broadband technologies such as DOCSIS, ADSL, G.Fast, and fiber. So it goes from chips and hardware, through to software and the cloud, and it is everything that relates to video, from glass (the camera) to glass (the screen).

Peter covers video travelling over cellular both as a broadcast and as an adaptive bit rate unicast as well as many other formats and hybrids. He delights in predicting elements of disruption and his paper called the “The Faultline Revisited,” and subtitled, “Disruption in Video Delivery 2013 to 2023,” caused a big stir last year, and not a few imitators from the major research companies.

He speaks at conferences on such diverse subjects as WiFi Offloading and Video driving cellular capex, and Video Optimization and has written reports on Triple Play and Quad Play models and the first OTT multiscreen video delivery report as early as 2011.

Peter is the principal analyst on Faultline, a digital media research service offered by Rethink Technology Research.

Peter is fascinated with the impact IP is having on all of the entertainment fields, and calls his service Faultline because of the deep faults which can devastate large established companies, operating upon consumer electronics, broadcasting, content delivery, content creation and all types of operators, as content goes from its digital era to its wireless era.

If you want to email Peter, ask him a question or invite him to attend or speak at an event, then please email [email protected]

Caroline Gabriel

Research Director & Co-Founder, Rethink Technology Research

Caroline Gabriel

Caroline left the Dutch publishing and research conglomerate VNU, at the top of the organization, as European Editorial Director in 2002, to create Rethink Technology Research.

She has been explaining technology to people for almost 30 years and has conducted research assignments for most of the major businesses in the sector including Motorola, Intel, LightSquared, Vodafone, Amdocs, the Small Cell Forum, the Wireless Broadband Alliance, Ofcom as well as start-ups like SpiderCloud, Deltenna and BLiNQ Networks.

She has partnered with other analyst groups in joint projects including RealWireless, the Yankee Group, Maravedis and ArcChart.

The irony is that while Caroline works in a subject very much of the future, she studied History at Oxford University, although she always makes it clear that history has a habit of repeating itself, even within technology.

Caroline has spoken and chaired many conferences and is a well- known and respected figure within the LTE community.

She operates as the company’s Research Director and is expert in all forms of Wireless communication and has edited our research service called Wireless Watch, since its inception in 2002 and also finds time to edit the daily Rethink Wireless in partnership with ArcChart, be found at

If you want to email Caroline, ask her a question or invite her to attend or speak at an event, then please email her at [email protected] and we will forward it to her.

Alex Davies

Alex Davies has been with Rethink for three years now, and joined us from Southampton University, where he had just completed an MA in Literature Studies. He moved from a dissertation on War and Peace to become our lead in Internet of Things coverage. Both require attention to vast quantities of detail. Alex also assists on Faultline and Wireless Watch each week, but his primary role is to act as the editor and senior analyst on Rethink Internet of Things (Riot for short) and has been instrumental in its launch.

Alex’s coverage areas so far have included High Dynamic Range video, UHD broadband requirements, home automation, energy management, in vehicle infotainment, low energy networking and automated parking, to name but a few. You can reach him at [email protected]

John Constant

John has been with the company since February 2015, and is Rethink’s Head of Sales and Marketing. He studied Civil Engineering at Coventry University far too many years ago, and moved into IT. With a foundation in bespoke software, hardware support, technical support, installations, operations and projects, he progressed into Client Services, account management and then B2B sales with an IBM Business Partner, selling a broad range of products and services, certified with Citrix, VmWare, Microsoft, IBM and HP.

John changed his career direction with a move back into Operations and Project Management for an engineering company, before once again dipping his toe back into sales, this time selling Storage for IBM and NetApp. Since John has joined Rethink he has gotten to grips with understanding the diverse IoT market, OTT Services and the Telecoms/WiFi markets.

John can be reached at [email protected]

Thomas Flanagan

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Flanagan primarily writes about disruptive technologies and industry trends in OTT video and broadband – covered in-depth on a weekly basis in our renowned publication Faultline Online Reporter. Tommy also carries out market research and forecasts in the OTT sector, with a keen eye for emerging markets.

Tommy can be reached at [email protected]

Roz Hilton

Roz joined the company in July 2015, and is Rethink’s Client Services Manager. She handles cash-flow, subscriptions and marketing.

Roz previously spent over a decade in office management within the construction and surveying industries. In her spare time, Roz is the Chairperson of her local branch of a national charity.

Roz can be reached at [email protected]

Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson

Simon can be reached at [email protected]